My name is Peter Chen 陈哲 and I set up this website to share the articles and thoughts I have. I am currently a Vice President at 5Y Capital (formerly Morningside Venture Capital), focusing on Chinese Internet and Tech investment.

I had an MBA from Harvard Business School and studied Electrical Engineering at McGill University and University of Waterloo for my Bachelor's and Master's degree. Before HBS I worked as senior software engineer at Google and BlackBerry for 8 years and applied and received about 10 patents.

During my career as a software engineer, I worked on several side projects. In 2014 I designed and developed few Chrome apps (Owl Reminder, Whenever) that are used and loved by tens of thousands of users. I also launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter named TagTalk in 2014.

If you are thinking about raising VC money or looking for advice on startup, you can find me via mail: peterchen at or wechat: PeterZheChen